Links to current projects, or have worked with in the past.

Kettle's Yard

Formerly House & Gallery invigilator, coordinator of Castle Hill Open Day 2015 and facillitator of Kettle's Yard out reach community events during closure in 2016. Since reopening, February 2018, I now enjoy preparing flowers for the cottages and cafe as a volunteer.

Drawing Connections the edges

Drawing Connections is a creative branch of the Learning Together family tree. Bringing Creative Practitioner in to the Prison environment for shared learning, engaging in different strengths to encourage joined up thinking.

Drawing Connections is developping as a creative branch of the LT Tree. Bringing creative pratitioners in to the Prison environment for interdiciplinary experiences, to draw connections for join up thinking.



Pivotal is a group of people working together to identify and promote positive change to protect the environment and create a more balanced world.


Saving cells and DNA of endangered species, globally.

Advisory Board Member



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